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If you own, or want to own real property, you need an attorney to give you guidance.  While some states freely permit non-lawyers to draft real estate contracts you want to have someone on your side who understands the nuances of all of your obligations as a purchaser and/or seller of real property.  You want to have someone in your corner who is able to keep all of the moving parts heading in the right direction.

Be wary.  In New Jersey residential contracts provide for a three day right of refusal to back out of a real estate transaction.  New York has NO SUCH RULE, once you sign, you may be obligated to carry through.  There is no second-guessing.  Seek attorney advice at the earliest possible stage of the transaction, not when it is too late.

Keep in mind that when purchasing property, you will most likely be dealing with the Sellers' "listing" agent, the Purchasers' agent (who may or may not owe loyalty to you, the purchaser), a mortgage broker, a home inspector, an appraiser, a surveyor, a Home Owner Association (HOA) and a title company.  If it is a co-op or condominium purchase, you may also have to deal with the management agent and/or members of the board. In addition, you will most likely have to deal with the Sellers' attorney who will have superior knowledge regarding the sale of real estate.

When selling a property, you will most likely be dealing with all of the issues raised by the above-listed individuals' needs to make the deal happen with the purchaser.  A properly drafted "Contract of Sale" will help to alleviate many of the issues which complicate a real estate transaction.

If you currently own property, other real estate issues may arise such as "partition" actions, violations of covenants and easements or issues with the chain of title.

These are all issues with which our attorneys can be of assistance.

As mediators, we are here to assist you in resolving all of your litigation issues (pre- or post- complaint.)  We will facilitate the resolution of matters with your neighbors (new and old) and with any of the numerous players in your contractual chain.

Visit our FAQs page for additional information.


If you are in need of a qualified “mediator”, you can call us at 718-748-6625 or by e-mail below.


If you are seeking to hire independent counsel to protect your interests in New York or New Jersey, you can call us at 973-812-8660 or by email below:




In New Jersey:  Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Union, and other surrounding counties.

In New York: Bronx, Kings (Brooklyn), Monroe, Nassau, New York (Manhattan), Orange, Richmond (Staten Island), Suffolk, Queens, Westchester, and other surrounding counties.

*With the advent of virtual appearances, geographic limitations may no longer apply. Please contact us to discuss.*

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