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Divorce and support obligations are serious life altering events that should not be taken lightly.  The laws of Divorce and support obligations for your spouse and children vary drastically from state to state.  Generally speaking, New York and New Jersey are both "No Fault" states.  In other words, if one spouse wants a Divorce, no matter how much the other spouse may wish to remain married, a divorce will ultimately be granted.

Our attorneys and mediators are well versed in the different laws of New York and New Jersey and will be able to assist you whether you want to mediate an "Action for Divorce" before filing with the Court or even after the action has already commenced.  Once an action has been instituted, strict timelines are set in place and need to be adhered to by the parties.  Do not delay in seeking help.  We also assist clients to mediate terms post-divorce so future litigation can be avoided.

Both New York and New Jersey are "gender blind".  As such, the courts consider the parties actual financial standing within the marriage and the "needs" of the parties to determine who is the "monied-spouse" and who may be the recipient of "spousal support".  When determining child-support obligations the court will also need to determine who is the "Primary Custodial Parent", that is to say which parent will be obligated to pay to the other spouse "child-support".  Unless the parties are able to reach a mutual agreement, the court will be placed into the position of deciding how the parties property, savings and debts will be "equitably" distributed, as well as how much time each parent gets to spend with the children.  It is for this very reason that working out the terms in mediation is usually best for all involved.

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